Docket by Case Number

This search allows you to enter a case number and retrieve an electronic docket sheet with links to the pleadings filed in that case. Enter the exact case number starting with a "D-" for a contract appeal dispute or a "P-" for a protest case (e.g., D-1268 or P-0678). You may drop one or more of the final digits to bring up a range of case numbers (e.g., entering D-126 will display all pleadings in the range D-1260 through D-1269). If the case number you enter has been consolidated with other cases, the pleadings from the other consolidated cases will also be displayed with a column indicating the case number(s) for each such pleading. You may also restrict the search to a specific date range by entering a date in the format of mm/dd/year (e.g. 10/02/2004).

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